Our History

The Devon Audit Partnership is a shared service arrangement between Devon , Torbay, Plymouth, Torridge and Mid Devon Councils constituted under section 20 of the Local Government Act 2000. The Partnership was formed on 1st April 2009 and has an agreement in place that runs until 2024. The Partnership delivers Internal Audit services to our partners and a number of external clients.

The Partnership has a management board comprising the Directors of Finance (Section 151 Officers) from the partners and the Head of Partnership, who fulfils the role of Chief Internal Auditor for each partner.

The Partnership is governed as a Joint Committee (under Section 20 of the Local Government Act 2000) and is attended by two Members form each partner. The chair for the committee rotates between the three partners on an annual basis. Partnership Committee minutes and agendas can be found at:

Partnership Committee Minutes

Devon County Council acts as “host” to the Partnership, and provides services such as payroll, insurance, HR and legal services.