Receiving data via Egress


Using Egress

Devon Audit Partnership is hosted by Devon County Council and we abide by rules and regulations that the County deploy. Part of these arrangements relate to communications and the use of ICT.

The Council has recently deployed Egress as a system to send confidential emails to our partners. The note below sets out some of the key features of Egress and what you, as a customer of DAP, need to know.

The Council has already informed key partners (at a strategic level) that the Egress Switch system will be used moving forward. In order to open an email sent via Egress, recipients need to register for a free Egress Switch account. Account registration is much like registering for a Hotmail or Gmail account and requires only the correct email address, contact name and a password.

There is no software to download and install, and no cost attached. Registration is a one-off process that will enable organisations or individuals to receive sensitive information from DAP (and the Council) securely.

Devon County Council has provided more information on their webpages specifically aimed at customers and partners


Why we use Egress

Egress Switch ​is a software system that integrates with Microsoft Outlook and allows DAP to send sensitive information securely via an encrypted email to third parties.


Registering for an Egress account

In order to open an encrypted email sent via Egress, you must register for a free with Egress Switch​. To register an account with Egress, visit the Account Sign-up page online.

Once you have signed up for your free account, you will have “limited” access to the system which allows you to receive and return secure email sent by Council staff via Egress and respond to them direct.


Replying to messages in Egress

If you need support using or replying to a message sent using Egress Switch, please read the Egress Switch User Guide


Access to Egress Documents

Information sent using Egress Switch will be available for registered users to view for up to 45 days. Your access to information is controlled by DAP staff. If you have any queries about access to documents, please contact the member of staff who sent the information to you.


More information about Egress

Egress Switch is part of a much larger global organisation called Computacentre​​. Privacy information can be found under the Egress Privacy Statement​. None of the information supplied during registration is sent to third-party organisations such as marketing firms.