The complexities that organisations face are continually changing.  Our extensive knowledge of risk management and an up to date awareness of fraud issues ensures that our clients receive relevant and regular advice and support to assist them in achieving their objectives effectively and with minimal  risk.


Benefits of Shared Services

The LGA press release below highlights the benefits of shared services within Local Government.


Illustrative guidance documents and examples of incidents of fraud can be found below:


Our client services also include access to bulletins with information relating to fraud and include real world examples of cases where fraud has been uncovered.


Procurement Fraud

Below is a practical guide produced by CIPFA with the Local Government Association (LGA) on managing the risk of procurement fraud. You can also download the leaflet that looks at some of the control measures that can be put in place to lower the risk of procurement fraud occurring.


Money laundering and counter-terrorist financing

CCAB produced these guidance notes on tackling money laundering and terrorist financing. They list a number of red flags which accountants and finance professionals need to be aware of, from wire transfers following cash deposits to negative media coverage about the client or company.


Fighting Financial Fraud

To raise awareness and help individuals avoid being scammed, FFA UK has produced a set of colourful posters and leaflets aimed at staff who deal with suppliers and supplier accounts;


Police Briefings

The Metropolitan Police regularly issue information on cyber risks, trends and emerging threats.  By raising awareness of these we can reduce and prevent fraud and economic crime.


Thinking of “blowing the whistle” ?

If you decide to blow the whistle to a prescribed person rather than your employer, you must make sure that you have chosen the correct person or body for your issue.  A list of the prescribed people and bodies who you can make a disclosure to can be found on the Directgov and Business Link websites:

Whistleblowing Guide


Devon & Somerset Trading Standards Service

Devon and Somerset Trading Standards Service is committed to maintaining legal compliance to help ensure that businesses do not take an unfair advantage over competitors or consumers. This provides a level playing field for all and allows consumers to have confidence in the local economy.

We have provided a number of links to information on their website regarding Business Scams as well as Business and Consumer advice.

A regular newsletter is produced by Devon & Somerset Trading Standards including;

  • Practical guidance to protect yourself from criminal and unfair trading.
  • The latest Scam warnings.
  • Information about businesses you can trust and how to win goods or services from them.
  • Opportunities to get involved with Trading Standards’ work and tell us which areas of our work are most important to you
  • And more