Partnering with DAP

In these challenging economic times you may not always be able to fully staff your internal audit team, or be able to keep them up to date with the relevant skills required. Devon Audit Partnership brings a number of benefits to customers. It is a local service with senior management and audit support available on site for customers, and also access to a wider resource pool and specialist skills. This will provide greater resilience and a more effective service in the following ways:-

  • Economies of scale – combined and shared resources leading to minimised costs.
  • Flexibility of resources – a broad span of audit needs is met rapidly and effectively through a pool of professionally qualified and experienced staff at all levels. Also the risk of vacancies can be better managed.
  • Specialism, and experience, in local government – allows quality service provision from a thorough understanding of local government culture and organisational complexities, processes and systems.
  • Experience and expertise in delivering “value added” work
  • Professional standards – we maintain a challenging and focused approach to raising quality in accordance with CIPFA and CIIA standards.
  • Local presence – to support customers and respond to changing circumstances and key issues in a timely manner.
  • The opportunity to share operational knowledge and best practice.
  • Access to a larger pool of specialist knowledge such as computer audit, procurement audit, partnerships, project management, risk management, corporate governance, fraud and irregularity investigations, housing benefits etc.
  • Keeping unproductive time and travel costs to a minimum.
  • Applying common technology and methodology – using the web based audit management software tool Morgan Kai Insight.
  • Opportunity for partnering.
  • Competitive cost per audit day.

We have prepared a short presentation for our partners. You may be interested in this. DAP-Does-Partnering-Work?