In June 2018, our ongoing commitment to providing a class leading service with a strong customer focus was reconfirmed with nationally recognised accreditation for Customer Service Excellence. Meeting the needs of customers is a key marker of our success and our Customer Engagement Strategy helps us monitor our progress better in this area.

Waste Management, January 2020

We were fully involved in shaping the audit and proposed timescale. Thanks for a very helpful report.  Improvements identified are helpful in reviewing the existing scheme and signing up new partners.

Plymouth – Data Quality Audit, January 2020

Really pleased that the report not only details what was found but provides detailed feedback and clear recommendations to support improvements. The audit added value in that the finding and recommendations have been laid out perfectly to allow me to plan improvements. The consultation during the planning phase allowed time for everything to be considered in detail. The auditor was really helpful; very clear and would define any elements we didn’t understand at the outset. He has a collaborative style which is useful to put anyone taking part at ease.

Mental Health Strategic Partnerships, December 2019

I would like to commend you and give some feedback on your positive and friendly attitude, willingness to travel/ work with Audit West, and your valued contributions so far…it was a pleasure working with you.

Schools, October 2019

The audit took place over two days and I was left time in between the process to carry out normal school duties. Overall a very satisfying experience with good advice given.

Grant Certification, October 2019

The auditor was thorough, prepared and understands our business. Comments back were fair and accurate and the process went smoothly.  The audit added value as it highlighted areas for us to review and improve.

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Feedback and suggestions

We trust that the services we provide meet the needs of you and your organisation. A minimum level of audit is required under legislation and many areas of work we cover are governed by legislation and Codes of Practice. Within those constraints we are happy to consider suggestions which our clients may have relating to the services we provide. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know. Give us full details of your suggestion and the perceived advantages and benefits.

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