In June 2018, our ongoing commitment to providing a class leading service with a strong customer focus was reconfirmed with nationally recognised accreditation for Customer Service Excellence. Meeting the needs of customers is a key marker of our success and our Customer Engagement Strategy helps us monitor our progress better in this area.

Primary authority process

Process diagrams to help us understand the system were particularly helpful. The audit highlighted the areas we need to develop and work on and would like a follow up audit in a couple of years’ time.

Key Financial Systems, June 2019

The way the audit is now conducted I hardly knew it was being done.

ISO 9001, June 2019

Having a colleague to discuss aspects of the ISO service who had the knowledge and expertise to respond in a professional manner. This helped with the audit process. The audit went smoothly, all aspects were covered, evidence provided and altogether the whole process was very professional. Many thanks to DAP.

Library Services, June 2019

A valuable service to the council. A working together approach which brings to light areas of services which can be improved. It was a good customer experience, wouldn’t change anything in the process.

Academies, June 2019

The audit service is of a high standard and our experience is very positive. The audit added value as it enabled us to have an external review of a new system and processes giving us the confidence in our methods and processes… and improve the way we do things.

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Feedback and suggestions

We trust that the services we provide meet the needs of you and your organisation. A minimum level of audit is required under legislation and many areas of work we cover are governed by legislation and Codes of Practice. Within those constraints we are happy to consider suggestions which our clients may have relating to the services we provide. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know. Give us full details of your suggestion and the perceived advantages and benefits.

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