Customer Testimonials

Data Security and Information Governance, February 2019

“I wanted to pass on to you how thorough I found the auditors work and pleased I was with the draft report he did. I am not at all surprised, as we received the same high calibre of work last year on another pieced of work for us. I acknowledge that you were unfamiliar with the client, but from my view, it was not at all evident. I hope that we can continue to work in partnership going forward.”

Pensions, January 2019

“The audit added value in that it highlighted the importance of relevant training procedures across all teams and having contingencies in place on smaller teams.”

VAT, January 2019

“The audit was helpful in that it identified some weaknesses in our processing of VAT claims.”

Risk Management, January 2019

“I would like to say a very big thank you for all the work he has done on this, which is much appreciated.”

GDPR, January 2019

“The reassurance provided that our approach taken with the GDPR project as a whole was of a good standard was very helpful.  The audit has added value as it has highlighted the areas that we need to focus on going forwards.”

Grant Claim, October 2018

“The audit went well, I was pleased with the work and how the Auditor managed the audit.”

Hire Bookings & Damage Claims Procedures, October 2018

“Many thanks, a useful report.”

Payroll, October 2018

“Thank you for all your excellent service and  assistance with this Audit.”

ICT Loss Learning and Resilience, October 2018

“Just to say a big thank you for all your work preparing for and facilitating the discussion today. I thought LG engaged well and there are some good things arising from the conversations. You have a really nice rapport with them.”

Car Parking Income, August 2018

“The audit added value in that it looked in-depth into issues I had concerns with. Very professional and sensible recommendations.”

Better Care Fund, August 2018

“The consultative approach and guidance as to process, approach and requirements was most helpful in getting the most out of this audit. It has produced learning.”

ICT Adoption and Change Programme, July 2018

“This is the first time I’ve worked with this auditor. He kept the whole approach professional and understandable, while meeting the needs of my service.  The audit added value in that it provided recommendations to improve the programme and information useful for a further business case.”

Health & Safety, July 2018

“Value was added in that the report received will have a direct impact on the way that we proceed to complete the remainder of the self-assessment. Your professionalism, patience and flexibility was greatly appreciated. During this, there were some potentially sensitive conversations which needed to happen, and delicate questions which needed to be asked. The Auditor handled this excellently, causing no uncomfortable situations, or upset to anyone. As always, DAP provided an excellent service. Thank you.”

Direct Payments, July 2018

“The report and recommendations were very helpful.  Very good experience – thank you.”

Grant Claim, June 2018

“Thank you for the professional, friendly and very prompt service that I always receive from you and your colleagues.”

Grant Claim, June 2018

“Thank you very much prioritising the claim and completing all the work on such a tight turnaround. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you. Look forward to continue working with you on the future claims.”

Risk Management, June 2018

“The Auditor was able to provide contacts and links to the regional Risk Management Group, which has proven useful. The report is always a useful tool to progress matters.”

Development Management, June 2018

“The audit process proved to be very helpful and has assisted us to address issues with this part of the service. The extent of liaison during the whole audit process was particularly positive.  The audit process acted as a helpful third party confirmation of mitigation actions required and assisted gaining authority for additional resources.”

Website Content, June 2018

“Assistance with costings was very useful. It was an opportunity to reflect around some of the issues. Plans have been made to resolve certain actions that might otherwise not been undertaken.”

Finance and Administration arrangements, June 2018

Communication and pre-liaison planning, The audit was helpful in enabling challenge and providing the opportunity and forum to review practices. The audit will add value by helping us achieve greater administrative and financial discipline. The audit was a positive experience.”

ICT – Cyber Security, June 2018

“It was useful to get an independent perspective on the area covered by the audit. The audit added value in that it will inform on the development of a cyber-security work plan for the Information Governance team moving forward. I am very satisfied with the quality of service received.”

ICT – Cyber Security, June 2018

“The audit highlights the gaps in non technical cyber protection and is useful in supporting the business case for investment in this area.  The audit has added value as it’s become part of the business case for investment in this area.”

Payroll, June 2018

“Excellent service from the team as it always is. The audit added value in that the findings were helpful to improve business process and procedure.”

Fleet, April 2018

“…there were some sensitive issues discussed around this subject, and this report has proven highly useful at all levels.”

ICT – Incident and Problem Management, February 2018

“The auditors were both professional, friendly and a credit to the team, who I found to be extremely accommodating and helpful. This was the first time I had experienced an audit and I was pleasantly surprised how constructive they are.”

Child Independent Placements, January 2018

“The Auditor is always great to work with – she has a way of getting to the heart of issues but also being very solution focussed. She does a great job in holding us to account in a way that doesn’t feel confrontational. The Auditor’s experience in this area  means she really understands the complexity of the work and any challenges to making changes. The team were very helpful and accommodating. A very helpful report and the auditor helped with brokering the final action plan between ourselves and commissioning.”

Payroll, January 2018

“As I’ve come to expect the Audit was conducted in a professional and courteous manner. I do appreciate the benefit of the auditor being familiar with my service and shows a genuine understanding of our strategy of improvement and the challenges we face within our operational function.”

Creditors, January 2018

“The audit was a helpful. We will now be dealing with our ‘unders & overs’ in a way we would not have considered without the audit. The whole process has been a positive experience.”

Creditors, January 2018

The recommendations made are helpful in supporting our message to managers to manage petty cash more effectively. Very well organised throughout.”

Care Services, January 2018

“The auditor was available to speak to….and made a point of being polite and friendly. She was appreciative of the fact that it was a busy time and worked around that. The audit was useful because the auditor raised issues regarding business continuity which enabled us to confirm arrangements relating to this”

Benefits, December 2017

“My gratitude .. to the audit team for your continued support…. Thank you to you and your team for all your support and guidance throughout the year.”

Elections and Electoral Registration, November 2017

“Excellent efficient and professional staff.”

Housing Health and Safety, October 2017

“Although people dread the word Audit I always find it useful, an extra pair of unbiased eyes to critically review service delivery. As usual the team were very helpful and willing to discuss options especially when making recommendations or stating required actions. Audit is always welcome.”

Procurement, October 2017

“The final report and recommendations will be particularly helpful in addressing issues of poor procurement practice within the Business Unit audited.  The audit findings provided clear evidence to back up our concerns and will support the work that needs to be undertaken to address the identified issues. The audit also identified an area of concern that had not been previously flagged, which can now be addressed with the relevant departments and Senior Leadership Team. Overall the audit was carried out in a professional and efficient manner.”

Leisure Services, October 2017

“I feel very much that the ‘support approach’ taken rather than the looking for fault and chastised, works so much better, and so allows the services to work together for the common goal.”

ICT Risk Workshop, September 2017

“Many thanks for organising the risk workshop, a really useful session and one that all attendees got a lot from.”

IBS System Admin, Aug 2017

“I appreciate any comments or observations that can improve the way we work. The audit added value in that it confirmed that we are working to a good standard. The staff conduct themselves professionally and are always approachable.”

Waste Management, Aug 2017

“The general observations were particularly helpful and the audit added value by suggesting system methodology tweaks that helped improve the system.”

Adult and Community Learning, July 2017

“The feedback meeting after the draft report was issued was particularly helpful. The audit added value as it was helpful to raise the profile of issues we are facing within the Council that lie outside our control. Senior managers are now aware and have expressed an interest. It was a very positive experience.”

Creditors, July 2017

“The audit provided suggestions that will help shape the service in the future. Value was added by highlighting an area that may need attention.”

Care Leavers Transitions, June 2017

“With regard to the planning of the audit I thought the whole process was inclusive and felt I was fully involved at all stages and was able to ask questions  etc. It was useful to help shape the questions as this has led to evidence to support what we thought and to help make the necessary improvements.  The suggested actions were not a surprise but have helped shape training and service improvements we have already identified. The Audit was able to add value as it confirmed our thoughts and identified actions. It was good to get an independent view of this as confirmation and I am sure it would have highlighted anything we had missed.”

Treasury Management, June 2017

“As ever I’ve been impressed with the Auditors’ background knowledge of Treasury Management and the appropriateness of their procedures and methods. It was particularly helpful that there was a lack of interruption during testing (due to Auditor’s knowledge) while still establishing enough detail to publish and discuss a relevant and helpful final report. This was only a follow up/interim Audit but gave direction to hopefully achieving a High Standard in later reviews.”

Members Budgets, June 2017

“I was kept informed on developments in a timely way, so felt very informed on developments or issues that arose which needed my action or involvement.  The audit added value as an independent enabler for raising issues with senior manager and the Administrations for further debate and consideration.”

Domiciliary Care, June 2017

“Can you thank all the Audit team for their support in helping us turn this round. It is a clear example of Audit’s role in service improvement”.

Partnership Working, April 2017

“The Auditor is knowledgeable with regard the subject area.  The audit added value by giving the council a clear indication of their current position and possible way forward.  The Auditor spoke to many council officers as well as contractor employees for current views re what is not working, as well as thoughts and evidence why.”

Partnership Working, March 2017

“The delivery of the audits was undertaken extremely well. I can’t think of anything which would improve this process. Value was added by making my service aware of improvement areas which we may not have identified ourselves. Also enforcing the view that maybe there is a bigger more Council wide issue to be addressed rather than just an element of one/more service areas. I think you provide a good service and my staff value your findings.”

Key Financial Systems, March 2017

“We found it particularly positive that the auditor left time for staff to get on with their day to day tasks.”

Interreg, March 2017

“It was a very quick process compared to what has happened previously! So well done on that front too!”

PCI Compliance, March 2017

“With regards to the planning of the audit, the Auditors are willing to work with me and change timetable around if it cant be fitted in with daily workloads. Throughout the process the auditor was always willing to discuss points where we may disagree and we generally come up solutions to meet both parties. The final report and discussions were particularly helpful. The audit added value in that it points us in the direction for improvements in control and can also now discuss how other customers may have adapted procedures etc.”

Maintenance of HR/Payroll System, March 2017

“The entire process was very positive, but I think by being encouraged to go through our key processes with someone outside of the team really helped to make us reflect on what we should/shouldn’t be doing & anything we can change, even before we were shown the final the report. The audit was able to add value as all the recommendations were appropriate, & even though we had thought about some previously, it has helped us to re-focus and try to move them forwards.

The auditor was very professional & pleasant throughout the entire audit process. She always kept me informed and was considerate to make sure our day job was not effected during the audit. I had not been involved in an audit previously and did have some preconceptions about how it might be, but the auditor made it a very positive experience.”

Capital Programme, February 2017

“The audit highlighted some potential areas for review, of which ordinarily we may not have been aware.”

Payroll, February 2017

“Initial meetings to determine the terms of reference are an excellent opportunity for us to set the current scene and for areas outside of the material audit to be discussed, and included in the review.  This is helpful, as from my perspective this is the most valued element and gives me the opportunity for a ‘critical friend’ to look at areas where I need further support or guidance.

The Auditor was considerate at all times and worked around our availability, so as such the Audit process didn’t get in the way of our demanding BAU.”

Housing Benefits, February 2017

“As far as our internal audit was concerned, I think Mark was very good, and seemed to apply a lot of common sense and fairness to it.”

Economic Development, January 2017

“Thank you, being audited was a positive and useful experience.”

Trading Standards -Buy with Confidence, January 2017

“Thank you so much again for your time; we’re all very pleased with the outcomes and the recommendations are all both practical and achievable, mostly in the short to medium term.

It was also very useful to undergo the risk register process with you and that gave us quite a bit to think about which should allow us to work much smarter and safer.”

Integrated Health & Wellbeing – Commissioning Strategy, January 2017

“The auditor demonstrated a very good understanding of the work and was very knowledgeable and articulate throughout.

It was particularly helpful that the auditor came along to the Wellbeing SDG and was able to observe / experience the work in practice was helpful and demonstrated a commitment to really understanding the process. It was also very helpful that the auditor was clear and concise in the questions he asked enabling me to gather the information quickly and efficiently.

The recommendations added value.”

Syrian Vunerable Persons Scheme, December 2016

“The opportunity to “think aloud” about the set-up of the operation and to reflect on the balance of project vs service governance was particularly helpful. The auditor’s broad experience encompassing knowledge of district council housing operations was relevant and added value to the process.”

Concessionary Fares, December 2016

“It was particularly helpful in that the process made us question the way we had previously worked. The audit added value by confirming to us that we no longer had the skill set to carry out negotiations with the operators and that we needed to fill this gap in the skills of our team. You always enter this process with a sense of dread, but the process worked well for us and we learned much.”

Child Independent Placements, December 2016

“The team were very helpful and accommodating. The auditor was helpful, professional and a good communicator throughout. The report was very helpful and the auditor helped with brokering the final action plan between ourselves and commissioning. Good clear recommendations were particularly helpful and the audit added value as we are in the process of reviewing another area and this audit will be a useful tool.”

Budgetary Control, December 2016

“It was particularly helpful that the auditor asked for most of the information required in advance and therefore there was not too much burden on our staff during the audit period. The audit added value in that it offered assurance over the recently updated processes for budget monitoring and setting and tips for further improvements.”

Retained Client – People, November 2016

“It was particularly helpful that we could modify the structure of the audit.  The audit added value by encouraging us to structure thinking around future management.”

Velopark, November 2016

“The process was helpful throughout and added value to the organisation in that we have been able to realise additional income potential. The customer service and experience was very good.”

ICT Change Management, November 2016

“The Audit planning process engages both parties so that we can come up with a sensible plan which covers our key risk areas and fits in with our current staff resources.  The format of the audit reports is very good. Easy to understand with a really good layout. I think your Audit service is excellent and I would welcome the continuing relationship with your service, keep up the good work!”

Procurement Exercise, November 2016

“….when I was first told that audit will be in on the panel with us I thought oh no this is going to be fun!!   And was a bit terrified! but you were not like this, instead you …had a sense of humour!  (And actually not that scary).”

Financial Control, October 2016

“Good service.  Outcome of report appreciated, delivered on objectives.”

Financial Statements and Controls, October 2016

“The audit added value in that gave assurances that the accounts were accurate and gave the authority members peace of mind.”

Risk Management, October 2016

“The auditor was very engaging and has an excellent grasp of risk management principles and practice – this made for an effective review which will be pivotal in effecting the changes required to the risk management.

The Auditors approach is very collaborative and always practical and pragmatic in shaping and delivering the review.”

 Planning Compliance, October 2016

“This audit is the third to be carried out by the Auditor for the Planning Service, during the last 18 months, and has again been extremely helpful and rewarding in terms of the practical benefits it will achieve for us. The Auditor has again demonstrated a tremendous insight into the detail of our planning work, and has produced an extremely comprehensive set of recommendations which we are implementing.

The Auditor has again been extremely professional and competent in her approach to carrying out this audit. It is difficult to see how the Auditors approach can be improved in all honesty.

The Auditor has again identified the key issues and made relevant recommendations which are likely to secure the greatest benefits to the Council and its customers in terms of planning compliance activities. The audit report will help us to be better organised and work more systematically, with improved performance monitoring built in, to secure improved services.

Thank you for completing three excellent audits for this service involving my team.”

Procurement, October 2016

“I just wanted to thank you for your recent work on reviewing the (contract) letters, it was a necessary task and an informative one.

Having taken the time to do a similar review myself over the weekend, I found it very informative.

Sincere gratitude for all the support that you have given into the process, at all its various stages, which is much appreciated.”

Integrated Health and Social Care, October 2016

“How refreshing it was to see an internal audit team who were not only obviously well-schooled in the art of audit but also able to offer frank and honest views…..I found the meeting very open, frank and certainly added value – it gave another independent view of what we are trying to achieve.”

Governance and Risk Management, September 2016

“I always find DAP staff most engaging and helpful, in particular as a sounding board for ad-hoc issues. The audit was able to add value by providing both challenges and also suggestions.”

Key Financial Systems, September 2016

“The whole audit process was very positive.”

Point of practice – child care placement costs, August 2016

“This has been a very helpful piece of work; comparing practice here with other similar LAs hopefully will allow us to reduce bureaucracy that adds minimal value for children.”

Substance Misuse, July 2016

“The audit did provide us with important outcomes and recommendations, so thank you.”

QMS system, June 2016

“I found the auditor to be attentive, friendly in his approach and very professional.

Overall very satisfied with the audit, which I found to be very thorough, you could tell the auditor had done his homework prior to coming to site. Very pleased.

The audit report was thorough, presented in draft so I was able to comment, which was helpful, and the final version arrived promptly.

It was particularly helpful working through the processes step by step with the auditor.  Who was very helpful and attentive.

It has helped me reinforce a couple of areas of concern that I already had raised to the Senior Management Team. So the added value is that an external company points out a couple of shortcomings that I had already expressed concerns about.

I was pleasantly surprised how thorough the audit was (especially have had some misgivings fuelled by our external ISO9001 Consultant that the auditor had to understand all our processes). I can confirm that the auditor had taken the time to look through all our shared procedures and came to the audit well prepared. Delighted with the result.

I would have no hesitation in using DAP again, and would certainly consider having a further ISO audit or other parts of the QMS system. I would personally like to thank the auditor for his help and professionalism in undertaking the audit. Thank you very much.”

Creditors, May 2016

“The audit added value in that it is always a useful time to bounce ideas for improvement around. Receive input and advice on control methods & areas of potential risk when looking to introduce change.

As a customer the experience was professional, helpful and insightful.”

ACS Extra care housing, May 2016

“At the planning stage there was excellent support and engagement from the officers involved.

It was particularly positive in that the team provided us with support with an external provider when we raised a concern and requested input. Their expertise, approach and support were extremely helpful.

The audit added value by providing additional capacity in terms of our skill set and made positive suggestions for service improvement.”

Information Governance, April 2016

“Very happy with the planning of the audit and its scope and in particular the flexibility on timing.

The audit was delivered with complete professionalism backed by a high level of subject knowledge and an evident passion and commitment to improving our information governance resilience. Very much a partnership effort and the auditors understanding of our agenda and the key areas for improvement that will elicit maximum added value was very welcome and constructive at all times.

All the findings and recommendations were very balanced and constructive and discussed at length before the issue of the final report.

The findings of the audit and delivery of the resultant action plans have added value as these will be key to the achievement of improved information governance resilience for the Council.

Very pleased with the standard of the audit work throughout, the professionalism and technical knowledge of the auditor and his understanding of the key areas for improvement and, importantly, how these improvements could be delivered.

A very constructive and helpful audit. Thank you.”

Risk Management, April 2016

“Thank you very much for another excellent report, especially given the tight timescale, much appreciated. Really useful to have your independent view.”

ICT, March 2016

“ICT is grateful to Devon Audit Partnership for the effort and attention in the matter of the recent audit into the organisations interface between ICT and the service provider and welcomes the overall assurance finding. My thanks to the auditor for the additional information provided on this. We would welcome DAP to re-examine the self-service provision once it is in use to gauge its effectiveness and impact at some point during 2017.”

Payroll, March 2016

“The auditor was professional, courteous and respectful at all times and showed an excellent understanding of the business and was responsive where questions arose during the process.”

Tree Management, February 2016

“The audit was planned very carefully, and efficiently, and was very inclusive in involving all necessary participants from this Service.

The auditor was extremely efficient, and helpful, in organising meetings with myself, and team members, as part of the audit process. It was also clear that the auditor had carried out relevant research before these meetings, and had an excellent understanding of the work done by this Service which helped her in identifying the key areas for improvement

The auditor has excellent analytical and communication skills. In particular I found the auditors briefing, on her main findings, to be extremely helpful, and the auditor was extremely proficient in setting out her findings and discussing possible improvements with me.

The report was/is very comprehensive, clear, and of great practical value in terms of approving the tree service we provide.

The audit added value in that the whole  experience was thought provoking, and the depth of understanding by the auditor of the work processes we use, and could use, was very impressive. We have already improved our use of IT to achieve efficiencies in time taken to deal with TPO applications, and are planning training sessions to assist planning officers in their tree related work

The whole audit process was carried out extremely professionally and effectively.”

School Place Planning, January 2016

“It was helpful to have positive recognition for what we do well and the recommendations were constructive.

The audit added value in that it  provided us with an opportunity to step away from our work and reflect on what we do; the recommendations made reinforced our own conclusions.

It’s difficult not to feel anxious when being audited, however, the team made the process less onerous by being friendly, approachable and showing a genuine interest in our area of work.”

Council Tax, January 2016

“We see audit very much as a partner in trying to shape the service in times of shrinking resources in order to make sure we still maintain integrity and security.”

Council Tax, November 2015

“It was a refreshing change to deal with an auditor who took a realistic and pragmatic view to the functionality of the service.”

Car parks, November 2015

“The audit was conducted in a thorough and appropriate manner. The auditor was reasonable and helpful at all times and the findings have been useful for the continuous improvement of our service.”

Environmental Protection, November 2015

“The auditor was professional and courteous and made the process very clear.”

Duplicate Payments, November 2015

“This was a very worthwhile exercise and resulted in a number of genuine overpayments that are now being recovered – all thanks to you bringing it to our attention.”

Missed Bins, October 2015

“The response to my request for support was immediate and pro-active. This work is being made use of now that the long overdue service review of middle office functions is underway in Street Services, led by CST programme colleagues.”

Property Disposals, August 2015

“There was good communication from the auditor explaining the background, the objectives and the process.

The auditor was very approachable and helpful throughout the process. I was kept informed and updated regularly and the auditor was always prepared to make himself available to help the process and keep things moving along.

The report was accurate, very balanced and easy to read. Regular opportunity given to clarify or challenge any points raised.

The audit was helpful in summarising existing processes and challenging if still relevant and/or efficient. It is always good to have an objective assessment of a process with a reasoned measure of effectiveness and pertinent suggestions for improvement.”

INTERREG, July 2015

“I wanted to thank you personally for your work on the three projects. For all of the support you have offered during the FLC process of course, but also during the second level control. Thank you also for your flexibility with the payment claim schedules.

When I started my job I remember being quite scared about the prospects of dealing with first level control external auditors, it sounded so serious! I’m really glad you and I managed to build a very good work relationship and were able to work together in a friendly and relaxed manner.”

Payroll, May 2015

“As is usually the case, we found the auditors visit helpful and constructive, enabling the Pay & Conditions team to continue to refine and improve the service we provide. In addition, it is really helpful to be able to ask for his opinion on how best to deal with various issues. We look upon his visits as a positive opportunity to take advantage of his expertise.

We were keen to discuss with the auditor a particular problem being experienced with the new sickness reporting portal, and he was able to include findings on this in his report. This has led to an internal review of the system being planned. As a result, we feel supported and that our concerns are being addressed.

We value the assistance that the audit provides and particularly appreciate the auditor’s relaxed yet very thorough and perceptive approach which promotes a culture to enable best practice to be established.”

Payroll, May 2015

“The audit drew attention to Value Adding Activities beyond the aspects of the material payroll system audit which will assist the service in making improvements.

The auditors were professional, courteous and respectful at all times. They showed an excellent understanding our current position.”

Early Years, May 2015

“It was particularly helpful that the audit included a review of the providers. This supported the service to understand how embedded the practice is.

The recommendations provided are achievable and will enhance the service. The auditor was thorough, very approachable and fair and took time to find out information.”

Audit & Governance Committee, April 2015

“The relationship with the Devon Audit Partnership is developing well and many gains in productivity have already been achieved.”

HR Investigation, April 2015

“Just wanted to thank you for the report and the considerable amount of information provided. It was pivotal for the case and enabled me, as the investigating officer to present a very broad view of the allegations.”

Learning & Development, March 2015

“Just read through your report. As usual it is not only very well written, but is also clear, constructive with logical conclusions.”

LGPS Changes 2014/15, January 2015

“Gave reassurance that the changes have been made correctly. Gave a recommendation of a change to improve UAT. Very helpful staff.”

HR Investigation, November 2014

“You, as always have exceeded expectations … THANK YOU!!!”

Council Tax & NDR, November 2014

“The feedback session at the end of the audit was a good opportunity to discuss and salient points.

Continuity of having the same auditor each year helps cut down the time providing information as well as having to explain in detail how the back office system works.”

Payroll,  October 2014

“We appreciated the way the auditor conducted the audit, keeping us well informed as to what they were doing and when, and being very mindful of our staff time and their other responsibilities.”

Plymouth Safeguarding Adults Board (PSAB), August 2014

“The auditor was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the planning phase. The Auditor was efficient and flexible which helped us respond and plan appropriately.

The reporting was timely, and the outcome of the audit was as expected by the board and senior safeguarding staff. The process has provided a useful vehicle to help us plan next steps and future requirements.

This was the first audit for this particular team and the advice available and the overall approach has meant that the whole process was a very positive experience

The main area of added value is the resource saving made by the audit ‘pulling together’ all the areas of improvement needed in one document, and providing a useful template for our response and action plan. This has enabled us to be much more efficient in our forward planning.

Overall it was a positive and useful process.”

Operational Audit, August 2014

“The audit was very timely for this area of our work. In part stimulated by the audit we have reviewed comprehensively how we operate looking at a host of operational and strategic questions and the audit findings and report have proven to be a useful touch point for us throughout.

The auditor was accessible and pragmatic in his approach recognising the range of issues we were dealing with and it has been a positive experience.”

Disclosure and Barring Service, July 2014

“I cannot praise the auditor’s professionalism highly enough. This is the second time I have been involved in an audit he has conducted and on both occasions, he has represented the audit team in a highly effective manner. His interactions with the Team before, during and after the audit are excellent. His knowledge not only of the Disclosure & Barring Service and accompanying legislation, but also of the organisational parameters (including system issues) ensure that his reports and recommendations provide realistic and much valued feedback.

The report was fair and balanced and as highlighted above was appropriately set in context.

As a team we were given the opportunity to comment on the feedback and have input into the proposed timescales for various actions.

From my perspective, the benefits of using the audit service is that it provides objective and balanced feedback from auditors who know their subject area. It provides assurance that the service is effective as well as offering recommendations for improvement (which is sometimes difficult to see when you are working with it day to day).

As a customer the experience has been very positive. The auditor is a great representative for the team, and his friendly approach removes any apprehension about being subject to audit.”

Housing Benefit, July 2014

“The auditor was a pleasure to work with. He had a professional approach and asked relevant questions. He has a good knowledge of the subjects and we were therefore able to talk to him openly. We had the opportunity to go through the draft report with the auditor, and therefore had no issues with the final report.

It is always useful to receive an audit report, as it gives us an opportunity to look at the areas requiring attention.”

Council Tax, July 2014

“Face to face meetings were particularly helpful. The auditor showed experience and knowledge of our service and had a professional, fair and friendly approach.”

Treasury Management, March 2014

“The auditors displayed comprehensive understanding and knowledge during the process with little explanation required from TM officers. The challenge within DAP on the initial findings was very incisive and prompted helpful discussion.

The opportunity to review and objectively discuss findings at the draft reporting stage was helpful as this prompted potential resource efficiencies to be risk evaluated and subsequently accepted.”

INTERREG Project, March 2014

“I just wanted to thank you all for work to date and to assure you that we are very happy with your work.

I know the other contacts in the project management area have given excellent feedback on your work and it is great to work with such a professional and friendly team. We will definitely be recommending your services to other project managers on INTERREG projects and on non-INTERREG projects requiring FLC auditors.”

ICT Audit Universe Development, December 2013

“The auditor did a great job in taking a half finished product and engaged with us to produce the final ICT Universe that has met our needs. The auditor took on board our comments and suggestions and was able to tailor his approach to meet our requirements.

I am really pleased that we now have a working document that we will embed into our IA planning process.”

Community Care, December 2013

“What the customer said It was particularly helpful to be listened to and to have answers to queries raised. Thank you for making it a pleasant and beneficial experience.”

ICT – Information Services, October 2013

“I would not want you to change your approach to undertaking audits. I find the pre-audit scope meeting and dialogue during and after the audit process extremely useful.

I would also like to comment on how much extra value the auditors bring to my service areas. In my view their opinions are helpful and extremely welcomed by me and my staff. I think the main issues are an appreciation by audit of what is possible in terms of mitigating risks.”

Mental Health, October 2013

“Both scoping and close out meetings were extremely useful allowing for clarification to avoid wasted time. Clear objectives were evident and resulted in a meaningful report. Improvements to operational functions and corporate systems support the need for this broader overview.”

Treasury Management, July 2013

“The content of the final report was concise and reflected the auditor opinion that systems were robust. It was pleasing and helpful that that there was no padding out with excessive detail or superfluous recommendations.”

Adult Services, June 2013

“Firstly, we would like to thank you on the quality of this audit and the helpful information it provides. We accept your findings and recommendations in full and have agreed that we will set up a small project team to implement the recommendations.

Thanks again for your audit report and your on going support to our service.”

Youth Service – Chances, April 2013

“Having read the report I would just like to say that it an excellent piece of work. It is thorough and the evidence base for the recommendations is strong with well-reasoned conclusions.

In my view this is gold standard!”

Risk Management, October 2012

“Good understanding of the subject matter, fair and balanced reports and a very positive outcome in terms of the identification of areas for improvement.”

Capital Programmes, September 2012

“Again, consideration and flexibility to adapt to my time constraints were much appreciated.”

LDP – Positive Partnerships, September 2012

“The auditor’s contribution to the process was invaluable.”

Commissioning and Contracting (Adult Services), June 2012

“The audit was conducted in an open manner with lots of dialogue. Time demands on the team were a minimum.

My self and the team found the auditors especially knowledgeable and they displayed a real understanding (and interest) in the area. As a result of this they were able to set some challenging targets which will improve our business.

I feel this audit has definitely added value to our business area and I would like to pass on my thanks to DAP and particularly the auditors that completed the work.”

Pensions, April 2012

“Very impressed with the fact that Devon Audit Partnership were able to respond to our request for this audit at very short notice.”