Joint Working Arrangements

In these tough economic times you may not always be able to fully staff your internal audit team, or be able to keep them up to date with the relevant skills required. The Devon Audit Partnership can help you acquire the level of assurance you require.

Why would you undertake a “Joint Working” arrangement?

  • You need to meet short term resource problems e.g. through sickness or unplanned work/fraud cases, difficulty in recruiting etc
  • You require specialist skills which are not available within your own internal audit team
  • You want to increase the available audit capacity or use your own in-house team for operational / performance audit and need support for the key financial systems audit work
  • You want to improve the standard/skills/experience and methodology of your in-house team through a partnership arrangement

Devon Audit Partnership can work alongside your in-house function to provide valuable skilled support whenever you require it. We are able to undertake individual audits, groups of audits (e.g. core financial systems work), or specialist audits (e.g. IT, procurement and contracts, VFM, counter fraud etc).

We can also provide staff on direct secondment or enter into more complex partnership arrangements, to provide you with:

  • skill transfers;
  • best practice information;
  • additional support;
  • consultancy services.

We can work with you in a variety of ways, e.g. short or long term contracts, individual assignments, specialist support & investigations  (e.g. forensics). We are flexible in supporting our customers; if you wish to partner with us or to discuss your needs please contact us.