Professional Standards

Devon Audit Partnership ensures that it meets all current, relevant professional guidance. Our internal audit activity conforms with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing

In December 2016 we welcomed Terry Barnett, Head of Assurance for Hertfordshire Shared Internal Audit Service and his colleague Chris Wood, Audit Manager, who completed an external validation of the Partnership.


Terry and Chris concluded that;

“It is our overall opinion that the Devon Audit Partnership generally conforms * to the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards, including the Definition of Internal Auditing, the Code of Ethics and the Standards.


* Generally Conforms – This is the top rating and means that the internal audit service has a charter, policies and processes that are judged to be in conformance to the Standards


The review team found areas of good practice and high standards.


Areas of Good Practice


  • The partnership is well established and has gained an extremely good reputation with its member councils.  The review team received consistently positive feedback about DAP from client officers and audit committee members.


  • The auditors conduct themselves in a professional manner, display knowledge of the areas they are auditing, adopt a flexible approach and are seen to be responsive to the needs of the client.


  • Audit assignments are well planned and testing is directed to those areas of greatest importance. Working papers within the Partnership’s Audit Management System (MKInsight) are completed to a good standard.


You can see the full report from Terry and Chris at

Partnership Peer Review Assessment Draft Report 2016 (766 downloads)