Sharing Our Knowledge

Are you interested in creating a Partnership?

We are often asked how we went about creating our partnership, what went well, and, if we had the chance, what would we have done differently.

We are happy to share our experience and knowledge (we recently shared such details with colleagues from another Devon based council) – if you would like to draw from our knowledge and experience please contact Robert Hutchins on 01392 383000


Colleagues from Japan visit DAP

Devon Audit Partnership received a visit from Professor Ishihara (the first Japanese CFPA),   Naoki Inoue (who works  as an internal auditor at Nara City Council in Japan) and some of Professor Ishihara’s Ph.D. candidates.

Naoki  Inoue studied internal auditing in the public sector by way of a doctoral course at Kwansei Gakuin University in Kobe, Japan; he and his colleagues are researching shared service arrangements, particularly with regard to internal audit. He is trying to introduce the best practices of shared internal audit services in local authorities in the UK into Japan.

We explained to Naoki and his colleagues how Devon Audit Partnership was created and the advantages that the partnership has brought to those using our services.

We wish Naoki every success with his work in Japan.

Japanese colleagues

The picture shows:

Top row, left to right – Professor Ishihara, Mary Davis, County Treasurer of Devon County Council, Robert Hutchins, Head of Partnership and David Curnow, Deputy Head of Partnership.

Bottom row – second person from left is Naoki Inoue; Naoki is shown with colleagues Tetsuya Kawashima (Hirakata District Council), Hiroki Sekishita (Tanabe City Council) and Noriyuki Takahashi (Kitakami District Council).